5 Reasons Why Grandeur Fasteners should be Your Cold Headed Supplier

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Finding the right cold headed fastener and component supplier can be tough, and especially tough when required to satisfy domestic provisions. The good news is that Grandeur Fasteners may be the perfect match for your fastener and component needs. We’ve continued to provide custom cold headed specials for decades to many OEMs, government agencies, and an ever growing customer base. There are several things you must know about us before continuing your search. We are the leading and best custom cold heading manufacturer in the world, and here are 5 Reasons why Grandeur Fasteners should be your Custom Cold Headed Fastener Supplier!


POP QUIZ: Which of the following do you agree with?

                                                                  A. Manufacturing Capability is Most Important
                                                                  B. Product Quality is a Must
                                                                  C. Best Pricing is Always Attractive
                                                                  D. Great Customer Service Trumps All
                                                                  E. All The Above

If you picked E, then you are looking for a world class supplier, and may be struggling in your endeavor.


       1. In House Tooling Design

Unlike other cold headers, we have our very own tooling and design facility in-house for both new and existing parts. Advancements made by our Engineering Department have resulted in fully customized tooling and tool design capabilities. Such expertise in this area equips us with the support and ability to manufacture specialty products for an unlimited amount of applications.

Our fabrication facility is backed by an integrated Management Control Tooling program, which reduces lead times by organizing and stocking tool sets. Broken tooling can take several weeks for replacement when using the conventional method of ordering from outside toolmakers. By fabricating and stocking these necessary toolsets, we have implemented a prevention to keep our machines running and your deliveries on time.

Tooling FacilityTool Crib






       2. Superior Quality

If there’s one factor that makes or breaks a supplier, it would have to be quality.

Quality is one of the most influential factors when choosing a new supplier (next to price of course). Remember that old saying, “You get what you pay for?”  Well, in today’s world that’s true more times than not. Poor quality results in extended lead times, late deliveries due to returns, customer downtime, customer loss, and an increase in overall cost.

At Grandeur Fasteners, we are committed to every customer and take pride in manufacturing the most “special “ and highest of quality cold headed products in the world. We truly believe that superior quality builds customer trust, increases fellow recommendations, eliminates product returns, and maintains positive business relationships.

So now you’re probably wondering, just how much better is the quality of Grandeur Fasteners’ products? I believe our policy says it all…

It is the policy of Grandeur Fasteners Incorporated to: 

  • Provide our customers with products that meet their expectations in price, delivery, service and most importantly, QUALITY. 
  • Involve employees in the pursuit of continuous improvement in the quality of our products and the efficiency of our activities throughout the company.

        3. Competitive Pricing

“Having competitive pricing is one thing, being dirt cheap is another.”

Pricing internally can be a difficult task for many suppliers, but Grandeur has it down to the T. Equipped with a variety of pricing and lead time options, Grandeur’s estimation team uses competitive intelligence matched with superior quality products to make us the most recognized cold headed fastener and component supplier on the market, regardless of the design or material requirements.

Our goal at Grandeur is to always offer competitive pricing, while ensuring great quality and excellent customer service. We consistently compete in the market, and always have more value to add than our competitors… That’s how we gain market share.

Bottom Line : “There is indefinitely more to a partnership than pricing alone.”

Beware of – “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!” (not referring to the AC/DC top hit single released in 1981)

Many buyers today may perceive extremely low selling prices as a higher investment risk. This is due to the sellers increased motivation to get your attention. As experienced businessmen, we know that tactics such as this reflect poor conduct and always result in a bad ending.  So don’t fall for the “low ballers” who entice you with unrealistic prices and jack them sky high proceeding your next order. Our advice to you, “be weary of dirt cheap pricing, it usually means poor quality or substantial price increases in the near future.”


Being bound to high business morals and ethical values, we frown upon these devious types of allurements, and will not mislead you in any way. Grandeur promises to consistently provide you with our best pricing possible, while communicating market trends on new orders.

So spend a little time digging in to what Grandeur Fasteners is all about, your time will be well worth the investment.

       4. Customer Service = Customer Relationships

You will not find better service anywhere else, period.

As a customer driven business, Grandeur is dedicated to meeting your needs in every aspect. We believe that excellent customer service is the building block for long lasting business relationships, and is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a positive rapport. Working diligently with our entire customer base has led to years of successful business relationships, and we’re always looking for more. Here a few characteristics of how we employ our customer service program.

  • Customer Service Matters!
  • Customer Service Reduces Problems
  • Customer Service Strengthens our Brand
  • Customer Service Opens Doors for New Opportunities
  • Customer Service = Lasting Customer Relationships

Our manufacturing serves multiple 20+ year returning customers, which is proof that we go out of our way to meet their needs. When a problem arises, our customer service team is there to help, and we are always striving for improvement.

        5. Domestic Manufacturing

Grandeur Fasteners is a 100% domestic manufacturer. Though we offer outside sourcing solutions when requested, all of our products are made right here in the U.S. We love to support domestic manufacturing and aim to provide everything we can for fellow American companies.

Domestic manufacturing has made leaps and bounds recently over foreign outsourcing. Our improved process capabilities, excellent quality, material acquisition methods, and unmatched expertise are clear indicators of the type of domestic products you will receive from Grandeur Fasteners.

If you have questions whether Grandeur is the right supplier for you, call us today and let our engineering team evaluate your custom cold headed needs.




By: Derrick Pledger

Inside Sales and Marketing
Phone: 479-489-5168
Grandeur Fasteners, Inc.