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Electric Car Electric Vehicle Fasteners and Components - Intro to Electric Vehicle Fasteners and Components With early concepts introduced more than a century ago, research and development of electric vehicles (EV) have made leaps and bounds. EV demand is on the rise now more than ever, turning electric vehicle transportation into a major highlight of the 21st century. Why Electric Vehicle A transition... Read more »
Grandeur Domestic Manufacture Domestic Manufacturing is “Grandeur” Than Ever -    1. U.S. Economy Trends – A Quick History Lesson Since the 1960s foreign suppliers have continued to capitalize on their growing ability of low cost production. Cheap labor and lenient standards, among other things, have allowed oversea producers to maintain a drastically lower price range (5% – 20% depending on the product) as compared... Read more »
What is Cold Heading? - What exactly is Cold Heading? Let’s begin by defining the general term along with the basic principles of involved in the cold heading process. Cold Head·ing /kōld/ /‘hediNG/ verb The process of progressively forming a specified shape from metal wire without adding heat – using a replicated series of dies, hammers, and punches at high... Read more »
Custom Fasteners 5 Reasons Why Grandeur Fasteners should be Your Cold Headed Supplier - Finding the right cold headed fastener and component supplier can be tough, and especially tough when required to satisfy domestic provisions. The good news is that Grandeur Fasteners may be the perfect match for your fastener and component needs. We’ve continued to provide custom cold headed specials for decades to many OEMs, government agencies, and... Read more »
Wire for cold heading Custom Cold Headed Fasteners Can Help Keep Costs Under Control - Costing is one of the most influential factors in our manufacturing world today. There is an ongoing trend among companies across the globe to become “cost driven.” By reducing expenditures in a manufacturing process, profit is therefore increased by spending less to produce a product. Custom Cold headed fasteners and components have come a long... Read more »


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