The Primary Process

Cold forming and heading is a method of forming metal in progressive steps into net shaped or near net shaped parts. Starting with a blank, which is cut from a continuous coil of wire material; the cold heading machine uses a series of powerful hammers and dies to form the part. This process creates very little waste, offers significant material cost savings, and the volume of the blank is about the same as the finished part. What allows the volume to remain the same is due to the metal being formed into the die rather than being removed from the blank. This creates a stronger part, with smooth continuous surfaces, because the grain of the metal is not compromised or weakened. By contrast, metal cutting operations are typically slow and can generate as much as 60% waste. Cold heading is more efficient than machining, and allows us to rapidly produce large quantities of components while maintaining tolerances as close as +/- .002” without secondary operations. The volume and size capabilities of our cold heading operation ensure we meet every customer need possible.

Formax 2000

Additional Secondary Processes:

  • Thread Roll
  • Drill and Tap
  • Knurling and Grooving
  • Stamping
  • Heat Treat
  • Plating
  • Grind and Shave
  • Metal Finishing & Polishing
  • CNC Milling