At Grandeur Fasteners, we specialize in manufacturing all types of specialty bolts, studs, terminals, contacts, screws, assembly parts, non-standard fasteners, electrical components, and any customized item you may need within our size capabilities. Through increased production rates and improved process design, we are able to eliminate unnecessary costs from raw material waste and extended lead times. Our products are exotic in material and/or design, and serve a specific purpose to the application for which it was engineered. We also work with customers to create cold headed substitutions for expensive multi-part assemblies and machined components.

Our part forming solutions have impacted industrial manufacturing across the globe by providing high quality and out-performing alternatives to small component applications. Each item produced is manufactured according to customer part specifications and industry standard requirements. Secondary operations and in-house tooling are also available at our facility, which provides enhanced quality control from start to finish. Our product list is diversely expanding, and we’re always looking for a new custom cold heading opportunity. If you’re currently exploring your fastener and component options then give us a call. We want to make it for you!